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By: Kingsley Ehimare

Did you know that windshield wipers rank among the most important safety features on your car that you should look out for in this rainy season?  I bet you didn’t. When you think vehicle safety especially in this rainy season, wiper blades are probably, not one the first things that come to mind. But, they should because windshield wipers are important for providing a clear and unobstructed view. Impaired vision while driving is highly dangerous and is a contributing factor in as many as 90% of all accidents. So, it’s necessary that all car owners and drivers take this minute but extremely important component of the car seriously.

There are two major types of windshield wiper blades. They are the rubber and silicon windshield wiper. While the rubber windshield wiper blades tend to have the shortest lifespan, the silicone blades generally last the longest.

Just like any other equipment, wiper blades can chip, crack, and no longer have the efficiency to clean the windshield properly. The windshield wiper is highly affected by environmental factors which result in damaged wipers. Some of these factors are as follows;

· Extreme temperatures

· Dirt and dust stuck in the blades

· Long term exposure to ultraviolet radiation

· Contact with acid rain

· Corrosion due to saltwater contact

We might want to ask, what are the signs that indicate that the wiper is damaged. Listed below are some of the signs to note;

· Rust or corrosion on the ends

· Slight separation of the blades from the frame

· Cracks and tears on the rubber lining

· Squeaking sound while cleaning the windshield

· Large streaking lines along with the windshield

Any of the above signs can be dangerous while on the road as it can lead to an unclean and scratched windshield reducing visibility and damage to the glass. Once you see these signs, it’s advisable you replace the wipers before it starts leads to an unclean and scratched windshield reducing visibility and damage to the glass.

 Auto Repair Shop

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