The Reason why Car Spare Tire Smaller than a Normal Tire?

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Auto repair shops open near me: You’re driving your vehicle along the highway and you hear that sickening POP as that rear tire blows. You pull your vehicle over to the side of the road and go to obtain the spare tire from inside the trunk at the boot. When you lift it out, you notice that the spare tire is noticeably smaller and different in appearance than the other tires. Why is that?

If you’ve ever wondered these questions when you installed a spare tire on a car, we have the answer for you.

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The Reason Spare Tires Are Different

While some vehicles do offer a full-size replacement (fifth) tire or just a tire patch kit, the majority of vehicles include a compact spare tire also referred to as a “donut.” These emergency substitutes have a smaller diameter, narrower width, and shallower tread.

Spare tires are

  • Designed to take up less space than a normal tire would when stored.
  • Made to minimize the extra weight it puts on the car.
  • Composed of a light-weight metal for its rim that makes it easier to lift and install.
  • Not intended for long-term use like standard tires.
  • Are intended to travel less than 100 miles and under 50 mph.
  • Held to a different psi level.
  • Created specifically for the vehicle it comes with.
  • Cheaper for OEMs to make and include with the vehicle.
  • It’s important not to drive on a spare tire for an extended period of time, as the difference in size will gradually throw off the vehicle’s alignment and handling. In addition, their smaller circumference leads to a difference in RPMs compared to the other three tires. Because of its differences, compact emergency tires should not be attached to a drive train axle.

Spare tires have been around for over the years, but we are going digital. As technology continues to advance and alternatives like tubeless tire design eliminate the need for spare tires, these “fifth wheels” might soon become a thing of the past. Auto repair shops open near me.

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