We offers a wide range of services to our individual and business clients. Our clients benefit quality service that is beyond comparison.

Panel Beat and Oven Bake

GOF Autos, we have helped more thousands of customers with their auto painting and collision repair services.

Brake Repair Pads & Rotors

From drum brakes to disc brakes, calipers and rotors, to shoes and pads, our highly trained technicians at GOF Autos Ltd

Shocks, Struts Replacement

The shock absorber regulates the movement of the spring and is the final crucial link in ensuring a smooth and more importantly safe ride.

Engine Diagnosis & Repair

We offer complete services for engine diagnostics and performance tuning, including: advanced computerized data acquisition and analysis,

Air Conditioning Services

Regular inspections help ensure cooling efficiency and identify possible refrigerant leaks. GOF Autos A/C recharge services includes everything from inspection to repair.

Tires & Wheel Balancing

Tire balancing or Wheel balancing is the process of equalizing the weight of the combined tire and wheel assembly so that it spins smoothly at high speed.

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