How the car you Drive Impacts Your Image

How the car you drive impacts your image ——-GOF Autos Tips with: Ehimare

Trust me, in today’s world Cars speak worth/value of the owners especially, in the corporate world.  You could say I am not my car and my car is not me.

how the car you drive impacts your image
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Yet according to multiple studies, the vehicle a man owns reflects his image and has a strong affect on his perceived attractiveness and even the way he drives. This of course is not arguable to very large extends. Let’s take for instance, a man who used to ride a motorcycle, still drives a truck, and now occasionally drives a mini-van…compare to that man who drives Prado

…..Yes, I have to agree with these findings. The funniest thing here is that the cost of a vehicle, how big it’s may not have direct impacts on image, if you have a vehicle worth of 100s of millions with dents, it will defiantly have ripple effect on the worth of the vehicle, what really matters is how clean and blinking it’s, this is what GOF Autos represents.

At GOF Autos, we are confident that our excellent Vehicle repainting / maintenance ideologies and repair strategies will give your vehicle a brand new look which will guarantee and ensure your car reaches optimum manufacturer’s usage at a customer delight price because we understand how the car you drive impacts your image .

Like it or not, the car you drive will have a direct impact on your image.

Think about it, let’s talk about it. How often have you seen someone drive by in a raised 4X4 with huge tires, dual exhausts, and custom paint job of the Nigeria on his tailgate and thought – wow, he must be a history with GOF Autos finishing touches.

The goal of this article is to help you understand the relationship between your vehicle and your image so that you can control it and use it to your advantage.

An Attractive Car Makes the Man with It More Attractive

I’m aware some of us have experiences regarding this especially, with babies, business negotiation. If you’re looking to catch the attention of more women, owning or even being seen with, obviously a great looking car will help.  A study conducted by the University of Wales Institute in Cardiff made a strong case for that.

how the car you drive impacts your image
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In a nutshell, women of various ages were shown two sets of images. One decent looking man driving a Bentley and an equally good looking man driving a Ford Fiesta

Close to 60% chose the man with the Bentley Continental.

The fact that women chose the man with the more expensive car highlights a few things. For example, driving a fancy sports car may be fun but it may not be practical if you mostly use it to drive your family around. Not only is this not practical, it also may give off the wrong impression to others.

It is not so much the car that is desirable to women but more as to what it represents. A great looking car signifies security, stability and luxury, which are key traits women find desirable from a man. What else do you want that we cannot offer at GOF Autos? We practically make you corporate, individual vehicles speak volume of you.

If you really identify with your high speed sports car, it can cause you to behave aggressively, especially when driving. This may result in numerous speeding tickets and aggressive driving.

On the contrary, driving a luxury car can raise your self-esteem. Being more confident around others and influences you to seek out friends and companions who share your tastes. Keep in mind that the study also suggests younger men are prone to being influenced by their car given they are still in the process of figuring out their identity.

Overall, how you act is something that gets judged by others so it’s important to keep in mind that your car could play a small role in this. This is actually my empirical finding.

Choose a Place to put your vehicle right

I know, not all of us have the option to drive an expensive car, let alone a Bentley.

However, you still can drive something that specifically fits your lifestyle, which in our opinion, driving a good looking vehicle, fuel conservative, having the right place for maintenance is a key for longevity of the vehicle.  

Keep Your Vehicle Simple

By this we are referring to a few things. One of the most obvious is your color selection, the kind of painting. We at GOF Autos, we render professional Oven bake. It doesn’t make sense to get a car in yellow or lime green. Instead, get a color that is practical. Black, silver, white, blue and red are your best bets.

Another important item to consider is sizing. You may not give out the right perception if you are salesmen and you drive a Harley.

In most cases, stick to a vehicle that is appropriately sized to who you are and what you do.

Keep Your Vehicle Clean

This should be a no-brainer.

I see beautiful cars everyday that look less than stellar given the condition they are in. This goes for both the exterior and interior of the vehicle.

I immediately form an opinion on these drivers and they usually aren’t great ones. Why give off an impression of having no attention-to-detail or that you lack cleanliness if you can simply wash and tidy up your vehicle?

So men, inviting someone into your car for the first time and having it look immaculate will do way more good than harm.

It doesn’t take much effort to keep your vehicle clean but it could provide big payoffs in terms of what opinions people form of you.

Keep Your Vehicle Practical

This ties in well to keeping your vehicle simple.

Your car should be a reflection of your own unique character as a man and the sort of life you are living.

A practical car is better than one that seems out of place with your lifestyle.

In Conclusion

This is how the car you drive impacts your image. Buy The Right Car For Your Lifestyle & Take Care Of It As Your Vehicle Reflects Your Image.

While the main purpose of a vehicle is to get you from point A to B, it would be unwise to discredit how one can have a positive or negative impact on your image.

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