Why OvenBaked Automotive Painting

Oven Baked Automotive Painting
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Oven Baked Automotive Painting … Best Place to Auto-bake in Nigeria

Oven Baked Automotive Painting: One thing about vehicles is that their value significantly depreciates over time. This is even more so if its paint has already lost its natural shine and gloss. while re-spraying your car can be a roadside project, but the quality of the workmanship may not be that great. Furthermore, the evenness of the paint coating may not be guaranteed, giving you a botched car paint job.

Oven-Baked Automotive Painting

You don’t have to paint your car at the roadside. GOF Autos says you can always take it to a car body shop for a fresh coat of paint. However, you need to choose between ordinary spray painting and oven-baked car painting. While one is definitely cheaper than the other, oven-baked car painting does have its perks. The question now is why oven baked?

  1. Dust-Free Environment

The environment where low temperature oven-baked car painting is performed is generally dust-free. This results in a more stable application of a coat of paint. It’s this dust-free environment that makes the car oven an ideal place for automotive repainting; GOF Autos have it all. If it were to be performed outside, dust would readily settle on the wet paint, giving the whole car a speckled look and a rather course finish, instead of the glossy and smooth finish you’d expect.

  • Environment-Friendly

In addition, the room-sized oven is fully filtered to protect the environment from the harmful chemicals found in automotive paints. If the painting job were to be performed outside, the airborne chemicals can be carried elsewhere and can readily settle on other life forms in the immediate surroundings.

  • More Durable Finish

Perhaps the best advantage of oven-baked car painting over the ordinary type of automotive repaint is the strength and durability of the finished paint coat. With air temperature maintained at a constant setting, individual paint molecules are evenly distributed across the surface of the car. This creates a very even layer and color of automotive paint. Additionally, since the paint molecules have been sprayed onto the car in exactly the same environmental conditions, they are better able to bond with each other. This creates a stronger and more durable paint finish.

To add more value to your car, invest in good quality automotive repainting services here at GOF Autos.

The heart of Auto-Bake continuous baking solution is the GOF Autos oven — a patented vertical oven process custom-built to meet specific product parameters, throughput and available space requirements, enabling cost-efficient production and rapid return on investment. Available with radiant, direct fired convection and hybrid radiant/convection heating, GOF Autos oven is highly energy efficient owing to both heating system design and their low surface area to volume ratio. Fully automated, they incorporate a user-friendly touch-screen interface, plus full-length viewing doors for visual inspection of the bake at every level, and easy access for cleaning and maintenance

GOF Autos oven provides enormous advantages over conventional oven technologies, including improved product quality and consistency, reduced footprint and superior flexibility.

Oven Baked Automotive Painting


Improved product quality

The ultra-compact GOF AUTOS design is based on a transport technology where pans are conveyed horizontally through the oven via an ingenious vertical ‘S’ configuration. This means the products travel through multiple precision-controlled thermal zones, providing superior baking control and consistency.


Reduced footprint

Typically one-tenth the footprint of an equivalent tunnel oven, Auto-Bake GOF AUTO oven offers a crucial advantage in environments where production floor space is at a premium.

Superior flexibility

GOF AUTOS oven and systems offer superior flexibility, allowing product changes by simply changing pans, and ancillary tooling. Options include Auto-Bake standard ‘contained pan’ model, or the innovative ‘free pan’ transport interface that allows bakers to utilize baking pans that are independent of the oven or system.

Ultimately, our Auto-bake finishing is torch not in Nigeria.

Oven Baked Automotive Painting


Unfortunately, at GOF Autos, we don’t have disadvantages because we are team of professionals that deliver qualities.  

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  1. Abiola olayinka

    Ok please how much will it cost to oven baked a Toyota Camry 2002 model to the same original color still on it?

    1. Hello Abiola Olayinka,

      We hope this massage meet you well?

      sorry for the late response, to oven bake a Toyota Camry 2002 with the same color is N80,000 and it will be deliver in 7 working days. You can call us on 09096718833 for more information.

      Hope to read from you soon. Thank you.

      Best Regards

    2. Hello Abiola,

      Thank you for making a request and sorry for the late respond. To oven bake a Toyota Camry 2002 is N80,000 and it will be delivered in 7 working days time.

      Thank you

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